About the Author

Tom is a Philadelphia native whose 30 year career as a radio, television and online journalist started at Central High School the day John Roberts, a legendary TV anchorman, came to a career day. He joined the year book staff and was accepted into the KYW Newstudies program, an internship for high school seniors that exposed them to seminars and exploits of the working reporters and editors at Philadelphia's premier all-news radio station.


At the time of his graduation from Temple University in 1976, Tom was already working two part time jobs at radio stations doing news, both on air and as a newsroom producer/writer. He became a writer and assignment editor at WCAU-TV in 1981 and spent the next ten years there, working his way up to the position of executive producer. During his time at Channel 10, Tom traveled extensively as a field producer, covering stories in various US cities, Israel and Chile. His on-scene assignment in West Philadelphia, detailed in his book Liveshot, remains one of the most important stories of his career.


"I grew up on a street just like Osage Avenue, ground zero in Liveshot," he recalls. "Row house living is a unique experience that puts you and your neighbors at very close quarters. The upside is that you know your neighbors well. The downside is, when you have bad neighbors, life can become a nightmare. My heart went out to the folks who lived on Osage Avenue who were the victims first of MOVE, then the City of Philadelphia. I can't even imagine what it must have felt like to watch your home and all your possessions burn to the ground and be totally helpless."


Later, Tom spent 15 years as a producer and senior producer at CBS News, managing reporters, producers and photographers and writing and editing scripts. Among his field assignments were several political conventions, the 1993 NASA Hubble repair mission and the 1998 winter Olympics in Nagano.


Today, Tom is Communications Director for a senior living company and a freelance writer. He is also an elected Councilman in the Borough of Fanwood, NJ.